Carmelita Active


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The Carmelita Passive is our stand mounted model for playing music with external amplifiers. Details are here ***. It's available in three figured veneers: maple, cherry, and walnut.

Stands are optional. They can support up to 80 lbs,, have a thick glass base and powder coated post and top plate. They are available either as stand-alone units that the speakers are simply set down upon, or integrated with our 20 x 20 vibration isolation mounts.

In collaboration with the massive 35 lb weight of each speaker, the mounts decouple vibrations from the floor to as low as 20 Hz by a factor of 100, which is 20 dB, hence the 20 x 20 designation.

There are unlisted customizations available at extra cost, such as painted finishes, alternative veneers, 5-way binding posts, and specialty wire, inductors, and capacitors. If interested, please inquire directly to see how we might accommodate your personal situation and preferences.

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