Carmelita Active, Demo, Original Version, Cherry

A pair of original version Carmelita Actives in cherry is now available. It was presented at a couple of audio shows and then kept at the shop. Since this model has been updated to Hypex electronics, we're selling this last specimen of the original. It's available at 20% off the original price. Stands are not included.

It was never reviewed, but as little brother of the original Valentina Active, which was reviewed, it's sonic signature is about the same, but the maximum loudness is about 3 dB less, and the bass doesn't go quite as deep. Reviews of its larger brother can be found on our REVIEWS page.

Since this pair of speakers is in stock, it can be ordered through this web page, or you can call for more information. There's a 1.5% discount for paying by check or direct  transfer, which can be arranged by calling.