About us

David Janszen with Carmelita

Arthur A. Janszen invented the first practical electrostatic high fidelity loudspeaker based on his academic research work in the 1940's. By 1954, he had refined and patented it. In 1955, he founded JansZen Laboratory Inc., where he began manufacturing and marketing this new technology to great acclaim. It was, in fact, the first high fidelity tweeter of any kind, and changed the industry virtually overnight.

For the next thirty years, he was associated with some of the finest loudspeakers made. There's a lot more about this on the history page

JansZen Loudspeaker, Ltd. was founded in 2005 by David A. Janszen, Arthur's elder son. An electrostatic loudspeaker company with a Janszen doing the engineering is bound to advance the art, which we have done. JansZen has restored the family charter of making the best sound reproducers of our time, and David stakes his family name on that.

After decades as an engineer in audio, ultrasound, instrumentation, embedded software, and manufacturing processes, David decided in 2004 to integrate and put into practice his personal electrostatic loudspeaker research and development work. By Spring 2005, the results were promising enough to justify founding the new JansZen company.

This R/D was based on ideas inspired by David's early immersion in his father's work, amateur musicianship, degrees in physics and engineering design, extensive R&D experience with electronics, acoustics, materials-and-methods, and appreciation of accurate and musical sound reproduction.

 The materials are extremely durable, the electronic parts are high grade, and the hardware won’t rust. 20 years from now, JansZen products should still be a long way from needing any attention. 

We pledge that as we grow, the uncompromising technology and quality of our systems will remain consistently strong and state of the art.