We've developed the world's first entirely self-contained, and thus fully portable electrostatic headphones. Prototypes were demonstrated at the last few annual AXPONA shows in Chicago driven by just a smart phone. The final prototype was seventh in the series. Four copies were made and shown at the 2019 AXPONA. Here's the ad we placed in the show guide that year:

We also had a pair at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo, and here's what one reviewer had to say about it:

"I loved the sound. Laid back and very smooth. No hard edges, just simply marvelous. They do have a battery to bias the diaphragm that one must remember to turn on via a touch switch. The battery is rechargeable, providing four weeks of four hours a day of use. The frequency response is full range — from 18 Hz to 32 kHz. These weigh only 500gr. I can hardly wait to buy a pair."

- Paul Elliott, everythingaudionetwork.blogspot.com

You can watch a man-on-the-street video we made with the first prototype here.

Production now awaits a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the necessary equipment, materials, personnel, and inventory required to make the transition from prototype to production. 

Our current plan is to launch the campaign toward the end of April 2020. The retail price will be $1495, and the Kickstarter pledge amount will be lower, of course.