Electrostatics make the clearest sound, simply because they're so simple: a diaphragm lighter than air is activated uniformly over its entire surface. There's nothing else like them.

It's as if the air is vibrating itself. Recorded sounds can't possibly be lost. Phantom sounds can't possibly be created.

We add deep bass with seamlessly integrated, impactful woofers, and wrap it all in attractive, sealed cabinets.

You get the best of big electrostatic performance, plus natural, concussive dynamics, all in compact, space-saving designs.

The new Valentina

Electrostatic nuance and clarity
with bass and punch to match

No back wave, so setup is easy

Elegant cabinetry matches any decor

Available in passive or active versions

Stand-mounts, too

Our stand mount loudspeaker, shown here to the left, is called the Carmelita.

Both the Valentina floor-stander showcased above and the Carmelita stand-mount are available in passive or active versions. Both models are compact at only about 40" [1m] tall. Both have the sonic hallmarks of much larger speakers.

The actives feature a high grade, on-board DAC and five independent inputs -- two analog and three digital. The analog inputs are sensitive enough not to need a preamp. The inputs automatically self-activate, based on which one has a signal, A remote control comes standard for volume and other functions.

Imagine eliminating your amplifier, preamplifier, DAC, and speaker cables, all at once, and getting not only more convenience, but also exquisitely clear and natural electrostatic sound.

Two special options are available on the Valentina: 1) built-in Bluetooth aptX-HD, simply called the Wireless option, and 2) real-time selection of directive or omidirectional sound dispersion, switchable from your listening seat using the remote control, called the SE (Sound Everywhere) option.

as beguiling as the music you hear in a dream

It takes high-tech to make organic sound

since 1955

Audio pioneers

david janszen

Owner and designer

Our workshop

Springtime in Central Ohio

Our workshop occupies 2400 s.f. in two bays


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