Michael H's letter

August 4th, 2020

   They sound really neutral, and as I play Mahler's 8th symphony on them, when the woodwinds and the soprano are both playing, there is no hint of intermodulation. Both together sound utterly smooth.

   I don't feel any fatigue after half an hour of soprano and flutes mostly.

  The photos and video at the listening position are taken with my phone 2cm in front of my face. I try to be slightly below the center line of the tweeters. The toe in has been calibrated with mirrors on speakers and flashlights held next to my ears. I should aim the speakers even higher, or simply sit back further.
 The Bluesound Node 2i works fine. It's set to no volume control and plays material from the flash drive attached to its USB port.
I'll close by again telling you how amazing it seems to me when flutes play alongside soprano and they sound so natural and smooth all the time. Add in violins playing in a high register at the same time, and the overall presentation is thoroughly realistic.
 I ought to place the speakers further apart to get more drama from the wide presentation.
August 11th, 2020
   These speakers are perfect right out of the box -- no tweaks needed. That is the right way to do business, in my view: completely satisfy the customer's need on the first try.
   Attached PDFs show me selling my power amp and buying more music featuring soprano and flutes.