Carmelita Passive

The Carmelita Passive is our stand mounted model for playing music with external amplifiers. It's available in three figured veneers: maple, cherry, and walnut.

Stands are optional. They can support up to 80 lbs, [36 kg], have a glass base and powder coated post and top plate. They are available as stand-alone units that the speakers are simply set down upon, or integrated with vibration isolation mounts that are fastened to the top plate.

Working together with the massive 35 lb [16 kg] weight of each speaker, the mounts decouple practically all vibrations down to 2 Hz from the floor, which is low enough even to completely prevent rumble feedback from poorly isolated turntables through flexible wooden floors and thus avoid the need to engage an electrical rumble filter.

Unlisted customizations are available at extra cost, such as specialty wire, inductors, and capacitors, and painted finishes. If interested, please inquire directly.

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