Valentina P8 (Passive)

Introduced just this year along with an active version, the Valentina P8 is a substantial upgrade to the original Valentina Passive. Whatever you may have read about the original, these add deeper bass, stronger impact, louder playback, sharper imaging, and wider soundstaging.

These loudspeakers feature dual electrostatic panels with controlled dispersion that maximizes the proportion of direct sound and thus well conserves recorded ambiance and image detail. 8" woofers are arrayed above and below the panels, which creates a tall bass aperture that further minimizes floor and ceiling involvement.

The cabinets are sealed and compact, standing only about 40" [1m] high, yet they create a tall, detailed soundstage with deep bass that typically requires much larger speakers. Not being dipoles, they have no back wave, which makes them as easy to set up as ordinary speakers. In fact, they perform best when positioned close to the front wall.

Their broad frequency response is adjustable to accommodate variations in room characteristics and speaker positioning. The woofers can be adjusted plus or minus 3 dB, and the electrostatics can be turned down by as much as 6 dB.

A conventional but high grade silk ring-dome tweeter is mounted on the outboard side of each loudspeaker. These can be continuously adjusted from off to quite loud, and can be used for two purposes. For critical listening to recordings that lack well recorded ambiance, turning them up slightly restores the missing air. When standing or listening from another room, turning them up higher supplies the treble that their controlled dispersion prevents from reaching much above seated height.

There are owners who are happy with the dynamics they get from 35W/ch tube amplifiers, despite the relatively low 87dB/1W/1m sensitivity (pink noise), On the other hand, with large enough amplifiers -- say 250W/ch/8Ω solid state -- the P8 matches the dynamics of horns without the drawbacks, while providing the transparency and neutrality of electrostatics. 

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