Valentina P8 (passive)


Introduced just this year along with an active version, the Valentina P8 is a substantial upgrade to the original Valentina Passive. Whatever you may have read about the original, you can add deeper bass, stronger impact, louder playback, sharper imaging, and wider soundstaging.

With large enough amplifiers (200W/ch/8Ω solid state, for instance), the P8 matches the dynamics of horns without the drawbacks, while providing the transparency and neutrality of electrostatics. 

Valentinas are built to order. In addition to the options that you can select on this site, you can call us to discuss customizing your pair with a unique baffle wood species, isolating footers, outrigger footers, grills for the airLayer tweeters, specialty wiring, or any personalization you can think of. 


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