In the early 1950's, Arthur A. Janszen, my father, pioneered the first practical electrostatic speaker. In the process, he happened to be introducing the first high fidelity tweeter to the world. It might seem incredible, but with only one exception, after all these years, electrostatic tweeters are still the highest in fidelity, and likely to remain so.

What's the exception? It's called a plasma tweeter. This is an electric flame, like contained lightning, that grows and shrinks in response to an audio signal. It works nicely, but has a number of safety and practicality issues.

In the decades since 1954, other companies have introduced their own versions of electrostatic speakers. Thanks to these companies, if you've already heard of electrostatic speakers, you might know them not just by their clarity, but frankly, also by their weaknesses.

A JansZen speaker is a true breakthrough in electrostatics. Our speakers offer every advantage of electrostatic technology with none of the disadvantages.

The pages linked in the drop-down menus above go into some detail about how these speakers work, and what makes them so good.