Conventional loudspeakers

Diagram of conventional loudspeaker driver



Conventional loudspeakers have two Achilles' heels compared to electrostatic loudspeakers. One is the diaphragm weight, which ranges from heavy to very heavy. Secondly, making that weight vibrate requires a complex system of interacting, non-linear mechanisms.

An example is shown to the left, but the basic principles are shared by all electrodynamic loudspeakers, from woofers to dome tweeters, and to a lesser extent, even planar magnetics and AMTs.

This way of doing things adds, alters, and subtracts sound, which is the main reason why it takes at least some imagination to believe you're listening to live instruments from conventional loudspeakers.

Of course, the sound of conventional loudspeakers may well suit your taste, but I'm willing to bet that you'll find the convincing realism of JansZen electrostatics even more pleasing.