Active loudspeakers generally provide ideal amplification and eliminate speaker cables,  Ours do this and more.

1) Our active speakers are bi-amplified. There are three main benefits to having separate amplifiers for the electrostatics and the woofers:

A) The amps aren't asked to superimpose treble and bass, or to provide a signal simultaneously to two types of drivers that each have their own load characteristics.

B) The crossover is implemented in software, so the filter characteristics are exactly as specified, rather than being subject to the vagaries and parasitics of large capacitors and power inductors.

C) The amplifier outputs can pass as directly as possible to the drivers. 

2) You get built-in equalization of the signal to compensate for a range of placements relative to walls with push-button convenience, and also to reduce cabinet and floor effects and to improve woofer frequency response. 

3) There's substantial power headroom, which means transients are fully reproduced, even when the average volume is high. 

In addition, on the Carmelita and Valentina, there are three additional helpful features:

1) Automatic sensing of inputs and high input sensitivity mean no preamplifier is needed. Just connect everything directly to the speakers, and they'll detect which source is producing a signal at the moment.  

2) Digital inputs allow the speakers to function as power DACs, meaning no external DAC is needed. 

3) A remote control is standard for adjusting volume, selecting EQ presets, and if desired, manually selecting inputs.